Trending t-shirt designs in 2022

Trending t shirt designs in 2022

Trending t-shirt designs in 2022

Whether you’re planning to start selling custom t-shirts or looking for ways to scale your existing print-on-demand business, being one step ahead of the current t-shirt design trends is essential.

But there are so many things to consider:

What t-shirt designs are really trending in 2022? What t-shirt colors should you choose? How to create trending t-shirt designs?

To help you out, we’ve summed up the hottest trending t-shirt designs for 2022 with short examples of how you can use them. So, read on and explore our 21 fresh t-shirt design trends below to find the look for your next t-shirt.

Trending t shirt designs in 2022 1
3D typography

A perfect example of a t-shirt design trend growing out of modern “can-do” possibilities. This trend is far from being new, but it’s the one that has certainly come with the development of modern technology and new graphic software capabilities.

As the new year arrives, people are expecting new things. It’s a season of new beginnings—and it’s not so different when it comes to t-shirt designs for 2022. There are popular t-shirt designs that are expected for the new year, including crypto, rainbow core, bootleg, anime, and many more. In this article, we’ll walk you through t-shirt design trends that would guarantee to make numbers for your store in the coming year.

What Are the Factors That Determine Your Design Choices?

People come from different backgrounds, interests, and preferences. This means that there is actually a pretty wide range of design choices that you can make.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right design for your brand.

Repeated words – Trending t-shirt designs in 2022

Sometimes you have to repeat something to make your message really sink in. With this trend, you are not only making a point but also creating a well-designed t-shirt. So, if you’re not a very experienced designer, but looking for creative ideas for your t-shirt collection—this design is for you.

How to create a t-shirt with repeated words design

This is one of the simplest t-shirt trends in 2022. Here’s how you can use it:

Come up with a clear message you want to communicate. Choose a compelling font that matches the tone and mood of your message. Repeat the message on your t-shirts as many times as you can.

Change the text a little bit on each line.

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