The best drinking glasses for sophisticated sips

The best drinking glasses for sophisticated sips

The best drinking glasses for sophisticated sips

From the everyday to the party-ready, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to stylish drinkware. You may prefer design-led drinking glasses that are clean-cut with sharp silhouettes, or perhaps something a little more artisanal and rough around the edges. Either way, you’ll need a decent selection to accommodate every occasion, and there’s a wealth of designs to choose from, as diverse as their price tags.


What are the best glasses to drink from?

Material: Drinking glasses come in a variety of materials that will determine both the look and the durability of the vessels, as well as whether they are dishwasher or freezer safe. Our experts agree that while thin glass looks sophisticated, it is more fragile than tempered options. And if you have kids (or are clumsy), opting for practically indestructible acrylic is probably your best bet

Volume: The amount of ounces each glass can hold will affect more than just how quickly it takes you to reach your daily hydration goal. Aside from aesthetics, the size and volume of the glass will influence what types of drinks you can make. If you plan to use your drinking glasses for highball cocktails, you’ll probably want to stick to tall glasses that are 12 ounces and above, whereas short glasses under eight ounces will be best if you’re partial to a glass of red wine or a neat whiskey at dinner.

Set number: Most of the glasses down below are sold in sets. Your entertaining needs, budget, and the amount of space you have will all determine how many glasses you should purchase. A set of two is great for just you and your roommate, whereas sets in larger increments are great if you’re the entertaining type. We’ve even included a few restaurant-grade styles sold in bulk (that you may want to go in on with a friend or two, since you probably won’t need all 72).

Colourful minimalism

The trend towards colourful minimalism began in 2021 and will continue in 2022. It may seem strange to a traditional minimalist, but minimalism has evolved beyond black and white colours and simple lines.

You can use colours while adhering to the “less is more” principle and maintaining the minimalist look. Whites and pastels with just a smidge of vibrant colour, lots of empty space and few details will give your products that aesthetic cleanliness that minimalism strives for.

The best drinking glasses for sophisticated sips
The best drinking glasses for sophisticated sips

Serif fonts

The difference between the two is the presence or absence of small decorative lines, serifs, that appear at the beginning or end of letters. Serif fonts have decorative lines and give a traditional look and feel to your designs.

Serif fonts will be the most used fonts in 2022. They communicate reliability and trust while also evoking nostalgia. Satisfy, Abril Fatface and Playfair Display are some popular examples.

Eco-friendly products

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental concerns and climate change.

Reducing waste, reusing materials and encouraging design that draws inspiration from nature will remain a priority in 2022.

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