4 Perfect Summer 2022 Trends

4 Perfect Summer 2022 Trends 3

4 Perfect Summer 2022 Trends

There’s so much to do to properly prepare for summer. Reserve a great beach house for at least the month of August. Stock up on books to read surf-side. Switch out all wintry interiors in favor of lighter decor, possibly linen. Open the pool. Close the fireplaces. Take up horseback riding and perhaps pickleball. But topping the list is, inarguably, getting your wardrobe locked. Below, see eight trends to help inform the season ahead—from a new flock of party dresses and Technicolor suiting, to the return of the easy pencil skirt and a new crop of cutouts, to the key accessories to pair with all of it.


When it comes to beach days, the look is decidedly minimal, elevated, and netted. In cover-ups, crop tops, and dresses, the look is fishnet inspired and not just a little sexy. Go all in poolside and beyond.


Before you begin to argue that the white tank top is hardly a trend, and rather truly a closet staple, allow us to interject. When Prada puts a triangle logo on a white tank, allowing it to take center stage, and Matthieu Blazy makes his Bottega Veneta debut with a white tank and jeans as the first look out, the white tank is officially having a moment. Invest in a well-made ribbed tank, get on board, and wear it with, well, everything.

4 Perfect Summer 2022 Trends
The Cargo Skirt

The trend started with cargo pants (which are still the pants of the summer by the way) and has now worked its way into skirt territory. A cargo skirt is sporty, comfortable and the unexpected piece you need in your wardrobe. I just purchased my first midi-length cargo skirt and already felt like I had completely revived my outfit styling combinations. A cargo skirt looks great with a simple tank top, grungy chain jewelry and whatever shoe you desire (heels, sandals, boots or sneakers are all fair game).

4 Perfect Summer 2022 Trends 1
The Floral Maxi Skirt – 4 Perfect Summer 2022 Trends

The next time you have the urge to throw on sweatpants for your weekend outing, consider slipping on a floral maxi skirt instead. At first glance the styles may seem wildly different but they are both effortless, moveable and look even better as a matching set. Unlike sweatpants, a floral maxi skirt works for any occasion. It can be dressed up for a wedding, toned down for the farmer’s market, worn to the office or for just an easy day around the house. While floral maxi skirts are currently having a moment, they truly never go out of style.

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